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<br>Seychelles Praslin Raffles Hotel offer luxurious wedding oakley sunglasses outlet plans </br><br> Praslin Raffles Hotel hold on pristine beach and the clear blue sea scenery, let the couple in the charming beauty of a lifelong commitment to each other. jordan 11 sale A romantic celebration by arrived moment immediately: luxury Ocean View Villa has already prepared a bottle of champagne for the new and fresh fruit, two people can be in private swimming pool in a shared secret. Subsequently, the couple can go to the award-winning Raffles spa experience double care: in Raffles spa suites side by side to enjoy a 90 minute massage. </br><br>The definition of </br><br> luxury, including no need to worry about the details. Therefore, by looking for the perfect place, and decoration, catering arrangements, bride makeup and hair, and administrative procedures, the hotel wedding specialist will according to the new requirements will everything be light of heart from care, two people to the wedding. </br><br> Praslin Raffles hotels have several individual charm. The site, one local legend place "the prestigious Karo Maryaz" (Maryaz Kerrey Creole love marriage). For generations, there is always the Seychelles people to marry him success. </br><br> Seychelles Praslin Raffles Hotel </br><br> wedding day, wedding venue will set a flower arch, dotted with local egg flower. Then held a jordan 11s Champagne Toast, is equipped with four servings of wedding cake. Finally, the couple will be on a beach or optional location to enjoy private dinner, under the stars spend sweet time, perfect for this memorable day ends. </br><br> to commemorate replica designer handbags a couple total harmonic coyly, and witnessing the love two people I won't change any day, the hotel is the launch of the new "love tree" ceremony, let the couple to the garden to plant a sapling. With two people name the trees, symbolizing the marital relationship continues to grow, and every year the anniversary, there are special for the marriage of two people in the growing tree photos, and the photos sent to them. </br><br> stay, the couple will receive a beautiful wedding gift, and the Housekeeper will also be in villas studded inside with candlelight, and the bathtub, more caring and thoughtful service. The next day, the couple in the villa side enjoy the magnificent scenery, enjoy a luxury breakfast, meet the new day, and the unique moment engraved mind, memories worth treasuring life. </br><br> above all moving experience, are included in the Prahran Raffles Beijing Hotel, "I would. Heaven" (Yes I do Wedding married in Paradise) plan, each couple Hotel seven nights or above, can save 1100 euros. It is located in the Seychelles luxury resort hotel, is also the jordan 11 for sale new romantic trip to provide extra leisure choice, such as the sunset cruises, star of the massage experience, travel around the island, and in a private island barbecue. </br><br> subscription or query ></br>
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