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<br>black zirconia ceramic dial and by grinding and polishing treatment 44.25 mm ceramic case complement each other. Dial with bold 18K white hour markers and two by blackening the small dial, this innovative dial layout and common in the Legendary Super moon table on three small dial is particularly unique compared. </br><br>12 hours and 60 minutes in the 3 when the pointer is also the location of small dial, so read the cumulative time more convenient and intuitive. </br><br> watch 9 position and the 6 position are respectively provided with a small seconds dial and calendar window. Hour and minute hands lunar table classic style and small dial pointer are created by the 18K platinum material, central Chronograph seconds after rhodium plated with a red tip, so that time more legible. Clockwise, the minute hand, timing pointer watch and two dots 12 positions are covered with luminous coating, to ensure that the wearer can easily read the time in any light condition. </br><br> watch is equipped with double the flat convex anti [url=http://abbacustechnologies.com/designerhandbags.html]replica handbags[/url] reflective treatment for sapphire table mirror, can provide comprehensive protection for the dial. </br><br> super series of the logo [url=https://code.google.com/p/replica-handbags-2014/]replica designer handbags[/url] design featured one -- Matt chromium nitride tachymeter scale is particularly eye-catching polished ceramic bezel. Two polishing ceramic case on the timing button can be completely separate exercise its function, which can avoid the influence of timing device button by mistake inadvertently. </br><br> this extraordinary timepiece equipped with highly durable black Cordura fabric strap, with black ceramic clasp. Water resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters /167 feet). </br><br> this table with a pioneering OMEGA 9300 self-produced coaxial movement, and is equipped with Si14 silicon material balance wheel hairspring, enjoy up to four years after sale service guarantee. </br><br> the dark side of the moon</br><br> this table using sapphire back through the anti plane convex shaped, polished ceramic surface on the outer edge of engraved with the "DARK SIDE OF THE MOON" (the dark side of the moon) Matt chromium nitride words, to [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jzbT40ZQT8]replica designer handbags[/url] OMEGA to salute the Speedmaster glorious [url=https://code.google.com/p/replica-designer-handbags-online-store/]replica designer handbags[/url] tradition and classic black design style. </br><br> inherits the great legend </br><br> this watch design reminiscent of in all six mission to the moon by astronaut on the moon by the OMEGA Speedmaster, as the series of high new members expect, it gives a new charm to the "super" the legendary name. In the desire to take the classic Chronograph outstanding tradition and extraordinary production mechanical movement com. super fans and watch enthusiasts, this watch [url=https://code.google.com/p/replica-designer-handbags-on-sale/]replica designer handbags[/url] will no doubt aroused strong repercussions.</br>
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