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<br>novel layout, showing elegant culture </br><br> into BVLGARI square Shanghai flagship store, on the right side of the main entrance a gorgeous dazzling "8" shaped crystal chandelier the flagship store decoration was bright, two oval type cyclotron showcase under the chandelier in pieces of the boutique in the decorative lighting under particularly fascinating. This is the famous Italy architect Angelo Mangiarotti designed in 1967 classic works -- Murano by custom glass chandelier hook elaborate composition, light shining. "8" which is full of auspicious meaning in Chinese digital, meaning each guest to visit this gorgeous born Bvlgari Hang Lung Square flagship store bring good luck. Clean wall squamous structure segmentation results, draws the outline of the beautiful melody of the curve, dazzling crystal chandelier, the exquisite luxury BVLGARI works elegantly presented, especially dazzing. </br><br>Ms. </br><br> [url=https://www.facebook.com/cheapjordanshoess]cheap jordans[/url] jewelry, watches and accessories exhibition area is located at the center part of the shop, wedding decoration area new development occupy the store [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jzbT40ZQT8]replica designer handbags[/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jzbT40ZQT8]replica designer handbags[/url] right all space. Here, a picture printed on the precious silk Elizabeth Tel (Elizabeth Taylor) and Richard Burton (Richard Burton) photos of the wedding photos, as the region's most dazzling decorate. Wedding decoration area edge woman and men's leather accessories for the right side wall, store decoration elegant pause -- on the soft silk Elizabeth Tel (Elizabeth Taylor) BVLGARI necklace and pendant worn picture is attestation two romantic love. </br><br> has a long history, exquisite [url=https://www.facebook.com/cheapoakley]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] excellence come down in one continuous line </br><br> decoration of a new Bvlgari Hang Lung Square flagship store a great novelty lies in for the men's products and the particular set of shopping area, including men's watch area to become the biggest bright spot. The region showing a fine regional single, male guests meet for jewelry, watches and accessories demand. Novel color combinations to create a cozy atmosphere, comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. Use the blue and dark colored silk on the counter, added a lot of strong sunlight flavor for the store. </br><br> comfortable sofa and tea table is left in the shop for customers to rest, waiting, at the same time flagship store also prepared a lounge - [url=http://marutidevelopers.com/salereplicabags.html]replica designer handbags[/url] metal mesh sliding wall, to provide customers with the most intimate shopping space, the wall around the display cabinet, an elegant Bvlgari senior jewelry radiates dazzling brilliance. </br><br> two delicate rectangular cabinet which makes every this VIP like strolling in via Condotti, can feel it with all your heart essence of Italy classical art jewelry, while BVLGARI flagship pure works in the cabinet of the orange silk against the background shine. </br><br> mildly delicate, exquisite details show ingenuity </br>
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